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Service all types of damaged or broken window glass in Illinois!

For over 4 years, Our company has been supplying customers with professional glass replacements services designed for your shape and size of building. These glass replacements are highly reliable and have been built to order by the customer.

From Elk Grove Village Glass repair to glass replacement, all glass work is done from reliable and professional glass components. Whether you are a glass professional or are working on a small glass project, we have something for you!

We are well equipped to repair or replace any brand, style, or condition of glass (Pella, Andersen, Truth) and we will make an appointment with you to discuss repair options, options for your design, and also to discuss what other styles or glass may fit your needs.


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Our extensive glass repair staff are available to meet with any of our glass repair clients to discuss all the options out there for professional Elk Grove Village Glass replacement and repair, including custom glass frames, custom glass parts, custom glass assemblies, glass repair applications, glass removal, glass fitting, glass cleaning, glass replacement glass, glass remover, repair glass repair glass and more!

Our glass repair is done at our downtown Chicago IL office located at 2643 N Clark St #2389. Feel free to call us at (708) 539-0961 or email us. We are always looking for new, creative and innovative glass to repair.

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Our Elk Grove Village Glass replacement and repair services are available for any glass replacement or repair problem, so that you do not have to wait more than a month to get the new glass back to its original condition. Your glass replacement will not break when you use new glass, even if the glass has been on the shelf for five years. We’ll fix the glass right to your satisfaction and without leaving a mark. If the problem does not resolve on its own, please contact us for a free analysis.

All Elk Grove Village Glass replacement and repair services include free glass cleaning kits, and it can be an economical and quick service. The glass replacement will fit in one of our glass replacement boxes. The glass replacement boxes are also available for your other types of glass repairs. Just contact us and we’ll set you up with the right glass cleaning kit to fit your particular size, brand and job requirements.

We understand that when you replace or repair glass, you will not always have the same result every time. We offer our service without any special prerequisites like pre-inspection or inspection. You have a free chance to see the glass before you take it to the Elk Grove Village Glass replacement or repair factory. When you pay us to do a glass replacement, we can send you new glass in a few days. There is no additional cost for this service. The price is very competitive