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Service all types of damaged or broken window glass in Illinois!

When you call us and speak to one of our workers today we want to show you how important a professional service can be. We really do. Our Elmwood Park Glass service has a great reputation in the community and can really help your home get the window and/or sash upgrade you paid for.

We are a team of 3 professionals with years of experience in providing Elmwood park glass repair and window replacement. We are a team and a company. And a family. We work for you.


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We can come out on location to repair your broken window or fix damaged hardware. Contact us for pricing, schedule and more information.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding your windows or hardware. Please note we may remove your windows and can replace the parts for you if you do not have them.

We service all of the suburbs of Chicago and provide complete glass repair in Elmwood Park. Complete supply of repair and replacement services for your home or business.

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We can come out on location to repair your broken window, remove paint residue or even paint chips from the window.”

This is the type of service, said Joe Leveque, president of the company, Elmwood Park Glass, that he’d like to have happen more often.

“The more people there are to work with, the better the chance of solving this problem,” said Leveque, referring to window damage at other venues. “I mean, the chances are good it’s not from the ceiling.”

But the fact that Leveque and his family are using this kind of temporary window repair at some of the country’s largest venues, including Elmwood Park Glass, the iconic venue in the heart of downtown Chicago, is a sign that the industry is getting serious about a solution and that the window repair market is growing.

The window repair industry is “still trying to be as good in a digital age as our glass building counterparts, and there’s a lot of progress still to be made,” said Kevin Williams, owner and manager of Elmwood Park Glass on the Lower 9th Circuit.

Williams’ company dealing in broken glass repairs and installs windows and doors through a program that makes it easy for people like him or their guests to have windows repaired up to the roof top, as well as to get their windows repaired and installed