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Service all types of damaged or broken window glass in Illinois!

If you are looking for your glass replacement needs or a repair that can improve your business then contact us today at (708) 539-0961 for our business services or call us on your telephone at (708) 539-0961. Our technicians will discuss and guide you through its repair or replacement process. If you or someone you know is having a glazing issue within your business organization, contact us today for your glass service and fix plan!

Our team of experienced glass specialists are fully trained to handle all types of Mount Prospect Glass repairs, replacements, installations and other glass related issues.


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Our glass units are carefully selected and made in the USA using only best quality glass. A complete product can be built to suit your needs. Our Glass is fully recyclable with a 10 year warranty. Our Mount Prospect Glass is completely dust and water resistant. We offer all of the standard Glass replacement parts we use. This includes the operating mechanisms and handles.

We provide complete broken glass removal and replacement services at our company. With a wide variety of products for professional glass repairs at affordable prices.

Complete services available! From replacement parts like the original or the best looking glass, to glass units that are fogged but have never been broken before.

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With our comprehensive glass replacement and repair service. You will find the professional glass repair services you were looking for. With our professional Mount Prospect Glass replacement and repair service we can do the job for your glass and save you money.

Mount Prospect Glass is proud to be an officially authorized and registered Glass dealer. Our employees are certified and qualified to make their glass at the factory level, while our prices are competitive.

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Knowledge is power; understanding is a privilege. And we appreciate your continued support, which helps us ensure our customers’ enjoyment of their glass.

Mount Prospect Glass is proud to be a member of the Broken Glass Chicago, an ongoing industry working group aimed at improving glass technology. Glass manufactures and retailers worldwide should join our team to help create a world-class community of manufacturers.