Broken Glass

Repair a Rotted Wood Window Frame

With excessive rain, snow, or dampness your wood window can crack, break or rot. We offer service to repair a rotted wood window frame in Chicago & suburbs and the wood that seals the window to the window frame might rot away. The window should be replaced since it provides a high level of protection against pests and glass damage. We use fresh wood to replace damaged wood and to restore old decayed wood windows.

Our staff will replace the rotten wood on your window with new wood and restore the entire wood sash and provide service to repair a rotted wood window frame. The advantages of your windows will be immediately apparent after our expert and quick repair. Whether you want general window repair services or specialized window repair services, our firm can meet your requirements. Our highly qualified and experienced personnel have a wealth of expertise and expertise in their field, allowing them to execute your job swiftly and effectively.

Whether you need wood windows repaired or replaced in your home or business, our firm can definitely help. Our firm replaces broken wood sashes, damaged glass, and wood storm windows, as well as other window issues. You can anticipate excellent workmanship, and we’ll visit to your home to thoroughly check your wood window. You’ll be able to see the benefits of our wood sash work and experience that piece of mind in just a few weeks. Because you picked us as your firm, your replacement wood for your rotten sash will be one-of-a-kind.

Give us a call if you need a dependable and high-quality wood window sash repair provider. Our firm specializes in houses in Chicago and the suburbs, so we’re familiar with the area and know how to get the work done. If you are experiencing trouble opening your window, we can also repair the broken window pane as well as sections of the glass. Squeaky windows may be repaired, and any broken sections of the window may be replaced if necessary.

If you need someone to repair a rotted wood window frame or storm windows, we are the people to call. Pet proofing for sliding screen doors is also available. These services are provided free of charge by a skilled and experienced crew, and they are all quick, efficient, and inexpensive. Our window company offers you with local and exceptional services, including windows, doors, casement, sashes, screens, and weather stripping, as well as expertise of window, door, and seal replacements.

“Our store’s enormous glass was in desperate need of repair, but we couldn’t handle it ourselves.We enlisted the help of a team from Broken Glass Chicago to undertake the repairs. They arrived with their tools, fixed our broken window, and replaced the wood to solve the problem. The best part was, the cost was also less than the estimated repair cost from the company that quoted us on new windows.”
– Customer Des Plaines, Illinois