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Service all types of damaged or broken window glass in Illinois!

After receiving the original damage report from the River Grove Glass company, we will proceed with a thorough examination of the frame structure and the frame and all the window panels.

After we have performed the repair, the frame is taken apart and cleaned in our shop and the contents are returned to their original condition. All materials that were damaged during the repair are also tested for corrosion (using our tests). You can check the level of your damage on the damage repair page.

With a lot of the time that a break or an emergency can take away from people, people need extra help whenever they can get it. River Grove Glass is here to help you.


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We look forward to working with you in the upcoming months so please fill that time with us and we will be happy to reply. Thank you so much for your time and feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns.

It is important that we get every window repaired and that if possible, we do as little damage as possible to the integrity of the frame

We service all of the suburbs of Chicago and provide complete glass repair in River Grove. Complete supply of repair and replacement services for your home or business.

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Need a part? Bring it in and we will see if it’s a permanent fix. So if you are getting the dreaded ‘I think I broke it because it isn’t fixed,’ the answer is ‘it probably isn’t a permanent problem, but we can come back and fix it.’ We want to make sure these people have the ability to make those life choices on their own terms.”

The River Grove Glass repair program is a way to help those people.

The City Department of Community Affairs will be conducting a survey about where people live. If no one in your neighborhood has an affordable housing voucher, they could help with the bill. If a voucher is not available for the location, then help from the program could be provided.

And if your apartment or house needs repair, you can call the River Grove Glass and one of our team members will offer free over the phone estimates and repair services for the next 30 days.

That way, the money is being redirected to housing assistance and to more affordable homeownership at these low risk rental units. River Grove Glass is experienced in everything from replacing a broken window to repairing broken electrical wiring or electrical cables.